Please read the guidelines carefully before using, and follow all the safety precautions. when using battery, please observe safety precautions. UDIRC? will not take any responsibily for the safety accidents caused by non product quality problems such as improper usage or other external factors.
UDIRC? will not take any responsibily for the accidents arising from the replacement only by using the accessories attached or by purchasing genuine Udirc accessories.

Product manual
Guidance on safe operation of drone
Guidance on safe operation of RC Boat
Precautions for use of airborne camera equipment
Safety instructions for battery operation
Liability exemption

Please read this disclaimer carefully before using the product, the use of this product is deemed to be the recognition and acceptance of the entire contents of this disclaimer. This product is suitable for people over the age of 14. In the course of using the product, the user promises to be responsible for his or her own behavior and all the consequences arising from his or her own behavior, and follow the relevant state laws and regulations. The user promises to use the product for legitimate purposes only and agrees to comply with these terms and any relevant policies or guidelines that may be established by UDIRC.

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Product manual

This product is that the RC drone or boat produced by Udirc, referred to as the aircraft.
Driver: the operator or user.

  1. Excellent performance of this product depends on the original UDIRC parts.
  2. Transmitter and aircraft should stay away from heat source and signal interference source as far as possible.
  3. The aircraft should be operated within in effective transmitter distance.
  4. We advise the begineers are seek help from experienced people.
  5. This product must be used in a legal and licensed venue.
  6. Indicate products suitable for indoor use. Please do not use them outdoors.
  7. During use, make sure that the power supply system and other functional modules are connected correctly, and keep the aircraft away from crowds and vulnerable, fragile and dangerous goods.
  8. Improper operation may cause collision, damage to the drone or break the propeller, which may lead to abnormal navigation. It is recommended to purchase new parts and replace them with local distributors.
Guidance on safe operation of drone
  1. Be sure to fly at a safe take-off weight to avoid danger.
  2. Be sure to check that all the parts are in good condition and do not fly if any part is aged or damaged.
  3. Please read the instructions carefully, as well as the relevant instructions and video before flying.
  4. Be sure to check whether the motor is stable and ensure that the propeller are properly installed.
  5. Do not touch the hot motor to avoid being burnt.

goodChoose an open place where there is no tall building around as a flying place. Next to the building and the tree, the Wifi signal is relatively weak, remote control function may be invalid.

Fly in open environment

Wifi signal is good

Keep the drone in sight

The flight altitude shall be lower than 120m

Do not fly in the following conditions, some weather and geographical factors may lead to the drone can not fly normally, or even cause flight safety accidents.

Stay away from rotating propeller to avoid injury !

Guidance on safe operation of RC Boat
  1. Please make sure the transmitter throttle stick and rudder knob can be reset before using.
  2. Be sure to check that all the parts are in good condition and do not sail if any part is aged or damaged.
  3. The ongoing vibration may cause bad connection of power terminal make the boat out of control.
  4. Please read the instructions carefully, as well as the relevant instructions and video before sailing.
  5. Do not touch the hot motor to avoid being burnt.
  6. The playing field must be legally approved by your local government. Do not play the boat in the swimming pool or near the people who is swimming in the water area. Playing field must spacious enough.
  7. efore playing the boat, please keep away from water plants to avoid propeller from getting tangled as this may cause motor damage.
  8. Improper operation may cause collision and damage the hull.
  9. Stay away from high speed roating parts.
  10. Power off the boat before cleaning it.

Do not play in the following conditions, some weather and geographical factors may lead to the boat can not ship normally, or even cause safety accidents.

Stay away from rotating propeller to avoid injury !

Precautions for use of airborne camera equipment
  1. Do not allow the equipment to come into contact with or submerge in water or other liquids. If the equipment is exposed to liquid or moist air, wipe it with a soft, absorbent dry cloth. Equipment that falls into the water may cause permanent damage to the parts if it is powered with water.
  2. Prohibit the use of alcohol, volatile oil, thinners or other flammable substances to clean up or maintain the equipment.
  3. Do not store the equipment in a damp or dusty environment.
  4. Do not use (or store) equipment with strong sunlight or high temperatures.
  5. Please stop using the equipment immediately when the equipment is smoke or if there is peculiar smell gas.
  6. When shooting important scenes using this equipment, please take several test shots before actual shooting to ensure that the equipment is in normal working condition.
  7. When using the camera, please comply with the relevant laws, regulations and ethical standards regarding privacy.
Safety instructions for battery operation
  1. Do not immerse the battery in water. The battery should be stored at room temperature in a dry place.
  2. The aircraft battery is prohibited from being used in combination with disposable batteries (such as dry batteries) or batteries of different capacities, models and breeds. Please make sure the batteries model of remote controller is the same, do not use inconsistent batteries.
  3. Keep the battery away from children and animals.
  4. Do not charge the battery near flammable material or liquid.
  5. Aircraft battery must be charged using the recommended charger.
  6. When using battery for flight, make sure the battery is installed in place.
  7. Do not connect the battery directly to a wall outlet or on-board cigarette lighter outlet.
  8. Do not put the battery into the fire or heat the battery.
  9. Note that the power terminals can not be shorted.
  10. Do not transport (or store) the battery with necklaces, hairpins, or other metal objects.
  11. Do not impact, throw the battery, so that the battery is hit by hard objects.
  12. Do not attempt to disassemble, modify, or repair lithium battery.
  13. Do not use nails or other sharp objects to pierce the battery shell, do not hammer or pedal the battery.
  14. Do not disassemble battery in any way.
  15. Do not use (or store) batteries in high temperature heated environments, such as inside of car in direct sunlight or hot days. Otherwise the battery overheating may ignite (self-ignite) and cause a safety accident.
  16. o not use the battery in a strong electrostatic field, otherwise the electronic protection device may be damaged and cause a dangerous accident.
  17. If the battery electrolyte leaks into the eyes, do not wipe, should immediately rinse with water, immediately seek medical help. If not dealt with in time, the eyes will be hurt.
  18. If the battery has a peculiar smell, heat, deformation, discoloration or any other abnormal phenomenon, it should not be used. If the battery is in use or charged, it should be removed from the electrical appliance or charger immediately and stop using it.
  19. If the battery terminals are dirty, wipe with a dry cloth before use. Otherwise thebattery will be bad contact, resulting in energy loss or can not be charged.
  20. Discarding the battery at will may cause a fire. Discharge battery fully before handling the battery and insulate the output with an insulating tape.
  21. It is forbidden to use an drone battery other than UDIRC battery.
  22. Do not overcharge the lithium battery.
  23. Do not place the battery in a pocket or bag to prevent the battery from short or from contacting with sharp or metal objects.
  24. Do not leave when charging.
  25. Check the wire, plug, surface of charger regularly. Do not use any damaged charger.
  26. If you do not use lithium batteries for more than a week, keep the battery capacity at about 50% to maintain its performance and service life.
  27. All the batteries are used in accordance with the guidance of UDIRC official website or follow the quick start guide, instructions and this disclaimer.
Liability exemption
UDI does not bear the liability for compensation and legal liability for personal injury, property damage,(including direct or indirect damage) caused by the following reasons when using this product.
  1. Driver cause damage in the case of alcohol drinking or drug anesthesia, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and other poor physical condition or poor mental condition.
  2. The driver’s subjective intent cause bodily injury, property damage and legal liability and so on.
  3. Any compensation for mental damage caused by accident.
  4. Damage caused by the driver’s operation in the nature reserve and other prohibited flight area.
  5. Do not assemble or manipulate this product in accordance with this manual.
  6. Other damage caused by poor operation of the entire aircraft because of Self-modification or replacement of non-UDI production of accessories or parts.
  7. Damage caused by the use of non-UDI production of products or imitation UDIRC products.
  8. Damage caused by operator’ operating errors or subjective judgment errors.
  9. Aircraft itself poor operation caused by aircraft natural wear and tear, corrosion, line aging.
  10. Aircraft issued a low voltage alarm, still no landing, causing the aircraft to fall.
  11. Knowing perfectly well that the aircraft is in an abnormal state (such as water, oil, soil, sand and other unidentified substances penetrate and assembly is not completed, the main parts occur significant failure, the accessories are obvious defects or missing), still force flight and cause damage.
  12. Aircraft is in the magnetic field interference area, radio interference area (such as near high voltage wire, the large power equipment, radio and television tower, cell phone base station and other areas), no-fly zone regulated by government or pilot vision in the backlight, vision obstruction, Blurred vision, poor vision, etc. are not suitable for manipulation and other conditions are not suitable for the operation of the flight, causing damage.
  13. Flying in bad weather, such as rainy or windy (more than category 4), snow, hail and other bad weather.
  14. Aircraft encounter collision,overturning, fire, explosion, lightning stroke, storm, tornado,heavy rain,flood, tsunami, land subsidence, ice collapse, cliff collapse, avalanche,hail, debris flow, landslides, earthquakes and so on.
  15. Damage due to infringement caused by any data, audio data or video data obtained by the driver when using aircraft.
  16. The damage caused by protecting circuits or battery, inadequate charger or improper usage.
  17. Any indirect loss and legal liability arising from the problem of equipment or accessories (including memory cards), such as images or videos, can not be saved.
  18. All flight and shooting not in accordance with instructions.
  19. legal liability, or the resulting loss of all personal property, or damage to the ecological environment caused by pilots who do not comply with local laws and regulations.
  20. The loss and legal responsibility caused by driver who have not completed enough flight training and rashly carried out an unsafe flight.
  21. Driver attempt to fly in places expressly prohibited by laws and regulations or related management units.
  22. The loss and legal liability caused by driver who do not comply with UDIRC official announcement in the UDIRC official website, this product manual, user quick start guide, the way of use mentioned in this disclaimer, and various precautions.
  23. Other damages that do not belong to UDIRC scope of liability.
Aircraft specification

This product restricts navigation in special areas. Once you use this product, you will be deemed to have carefully read the relevant regulations of ICAO and local airspace control regulations, as well as UAV management regulations. You will be aware of the relevant legal liabilities arising from the possible violation of legal provisions caused by non-compliance with the above provisions. And promise to be responsible for your actions and for any indirect or direct liability arising from the failure to use the aircraft in accordance with the user’s manual.

This product contains small parts which are dangerous for choking. Keep out of reach of children.

If you encounter unsolvable problems in the process of manipulation, please contact the duly authorized agent of UDIRC or UDIRC technical support.
* Important information contained in the package and this manual should be retained.